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Reusing old objects

Reusing old items or “Repurposing” or ” Recycling” is the latest trend on the internet and especially on social media..

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Ecological consciousness steps

Even the longest journey begins with a small step. It is precisely this philosophy that the development and cultivation of our ecological consciousness is based on, small steps lead to big results of our ecological consciousness.

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Ecological bird feeders

It is very important to think ecologically and humanely. Birds need care and through this article you will see some ideas for ecological bird feeders. 

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Nutritional pedagogy and children

Nutritional diversity provides children with nutrients and choices about what they eat. Adopting basic healthy habits from an early age helps them to grow more effectively and avoid many problems as they get older.

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Homemade dolmadakia

Dolmadakia is a traditional Greek food but its origin is oriental. At many meals, dolmadakia are served either as a side dish or as a main course.

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Alternative ways of education

In the previous article we talked about both punishment and negative rewards as forms of education. These ways do not achieve the desired results. On the contrary, they often have a negative effect on the child’s mentality. So, in spite of this, we come with this article to propose alternative forms of education.

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