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Alternative ways of education

In the previous article we talked about both punishment and negative rewards as forms of education. These ways do not achieve the desired results. On the contrary, they often have a negative effect on the child’s mentality. So, in spite of this, we come with this article to propose alternative forms of education.

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How important is the protection of the bee?

In recent years there has been a global effort to strengthen the beekeeping sector. At the same time, there is an urgent need to raise awareness of the importance of the bee and its role. It is equally important to inform producers about the use of pesticides.

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Detox salad with Asian flavors

For a change from classic salads, there’s nothing like a trip to the rising sun. With its fresh and fragrant ingredients, this multicolored salad with its Asian influences brings you relief and a Jazzy side for vitaminized dishes!

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Psychosomatic exhaustion during covid-19

As we experienced the covid-19 pandemic, we realized that we are not omnipotent and that our individual responsibility plays a key role in our survival. Suddenly our life changes dramatically and we find it hard to cope.

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Focus on the present: 3 exercises to manage stress

Daily rhythms can be difficult and pressurised, creating a need to focus on a future that will bring pleasure, which causes particular anxiety. However, by focusing on the present and giving one’s routine moments of self-focus that act as positive baggage, one actively contributes to building resilience to stress and improving one’s quality of life.

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The History of DDT

In today’s world, agricultural drugs have been blamed for various reasons. One of the most talked about is DDT. DDT is an insecticide that was widely used after World War 2. It has been about 50 years since its use was phased out in most countries. It is now used in some African countries.

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