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Plastic bottle and cup, I say no to the minute!

How can we reduce plastic bottles, cups and straws? What is the eco friendly habit we can all get into?

We hope the information and tips of the previous text helped you enough and that you have already sewn your first eco bag ! So following on from the philosophy we embrace, this time we have chosen to talk about the eco friendly glass and bottle, but also about eco friendly straws, which largely replace the plastic ones we are all used to using!

Daily habit

If we prepare our coffee at home we can easily use a canteen and a thermos, which will make things easier. They will even help tremendously in reducing plastic, as it is estimated that each of us will use, on average, two of these plastic products every day.

If, again, we start our day with a takeaway drink at our favourite neighbourhood shop that knows exactly how we drink our coffee, we can give our daily habit an update. By bringing our own reusable cup and asking for it to be filled with our favorite hot or cold beverage . In fact, not a few cafes are motivated by this initiative. Several shops give a discount on the price of coffee!

A bonus of course is the thermos for our water so that we don’t use further plastic bottles, which especially in summer days, helps a lot in maintaining the right water temperature.

But apart from bottles and glasses let’s also think about straws. An effort is already being made by the states to withdraw plastic straws. There is a plethora of alternatives such as paper, metal, glass, silicone or bamboo straws. Which one will you choose?

Where can we buy them?

Reusable products can now be found everywhere. They are available in large supermarket chains, online or in nearby shops. You can find them in different colours and designs to give your personal touch.

Lastly, if we use straws it’s safe to say that plastic straws are out and reusable straws are in! Such a simple move is so important!

A small move but one that will have a big benefit for the planet and by extension for ourselves. Because let’s not forget that the environment is our home and it is our obligation and our right to protect and love it. After all, by taking care of it we offer ourselves a better quality of life.

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