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Bio-gift ideas

It is not a few times that in the face of an upcoming celebration, in the idea of a gift, we do not know what to choose for someone. Whether it is a friend, colleague or relative in the place of the celebrant the question “Now what to get?” remains the same. So below we present some ideas to help you with such a decision.

What is the philosophy of a bio gift

The philosophy of bio gifts is eco-friendly, inexpensive, highly creative, for the one who gives it and very emotional, for the one who receives it. Most of the suggestions are close to the DIY philosophy, so by knowing the other person we can make the right gift for him/her, not burdening nature at the same time, but having it as a helper, as it can provide us with many of the materials we will need.


A frame made from a piece of cardboard or sticks
A first quick and easy idea is that of a frame made from a cardboard box. By taking a piece of cardboard box and cutting it around the perimeter we can create a suitable picture frame, which we can colour, design and decorate. On the inside a photo of ourselves and the celebrant is a fitting choice. As a variation, instead of a box, we can choose four small sticks, which, glued around the perimeter, create the same frame again.

Dried fruit garlands

Another beautiful reference is that of a decoration gift! Inside a simple or colored string we can thread dried fruit peels and create the most imaginative decorative garlands! Clothes or accessories made of wool! For lovers of new hobbies the following suggestion will be their new hobby! All you need is a ball of knitting wool in the favorite color of the one who is celebrating and two needles. Knitting is not only a beautiful creation but also an extremely stress-relieving process.

Used books

Moving on to one more option, we move on to buying a used book! We can search the internet to find many such sites and make a gift of a selection that never loses its value! After all, books are man’s best friend .

Wooden palette

All it takes is a pallet that we have painted and smoothed to be the best place to hang pots on the balcony! If the birthday boy is a plant lover, with lots of pots in the house then you just have to try it.

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