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Traditional or hybrid seed

One of the decisions a grower has to make is the choice of seed. Traditional or hybrid seed.

One of the decisions a grower has to make is the choice of seed. Variety or hybrid. Today, hybrids have dominated the market as they have significant advantages over varieties. However, there is a strong resentment of producers towards the hybrids . So let’s see what a hybrid is and if this dissatisfaction is justified.

What is a hybrid?

The production of hybrids is based on the phenomenon of consanguinity, that is to say the fact that the offspring of two different parents appear to be improved. Therefore, to produce single hybrids, breeders cross two pure lines with different characteristics to achieve the desired result. However, things are not that simple, as there are many steps that an improver must go through before arriving at which parents to use.


The advantages of hybrids are many, as they are more efficient plants, potentially exhibiting disease resistance and ultimately leading to safer production.


One of the disadvantages of hybrids is that due to the way they are produced, seeds are generally more expensive.

Some consumers also claim that products derived from hybrids are less tasty, but there is insufficient scientific data to confirm this.

The last, and by far the most important, downside is that growers cannot save and sow seeds for hybrids. This is because hybrids are heterozygous and do not inherit consistently. In simpler terms, if we sow seeds of a hybrid, not all of our plants will be the same.


From the above, it can be assumed that hybrids carry certain risks. First, producers can become increasingly dependent on companies that produce hybrids. Second, the growing trend towards hybrid production may lead to the scrapping of some old traditional varieties and their extinction.


In conclusion, hybrids have certain advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is that they do not seem to have a negative effect on the health of the consumer, so that the choice between variety and hybrid lies with the requirements and needs of the individual.

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