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Nutrition and working life

Well-being at work is a major issue in our society today. It refers to the physical, psychological, emotional and social health of employees in their working environment.

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Food loss and food waste

Food loss and food waste

Food loss and waste is one of the issues that concerns us all as it is part of our daily lives, but there are some ways that we can help reduce it.

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Eco art

Eco art: when art and ecology do wonders!

 What happens when art meets ecology, what results from this green coexistence, what exactly is eco art and what does it offer us as a movement? These and many more questions this article will try to answer in order for you to learn all about this art form that, although not so new, has been growing rapidly and rapidly in recent years!

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Granola Bowl

The granola bowl is now one of the most popular breakfasts ideas. But how can we make granola and how can we serve it with?

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Reusing old objects

Reusing old items or “Repurposing” or ” Recycling” is the latest trend on the internet and especially on social media..

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Ecological consciousness steps

Even the longest journey begins with a small step. It is precisely this philosophy that the development and cultivation of our ecological consciousness is based on, small steps lead to big results of our ecological consciousness.

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