Reusing old objects

Reusing old items or "Repurposing" or " Recycling" is the latest trend on the internet and especially on social media..

Reusing old items or “Repurposing” or ” Recycling” is the latest trend on the internet and especially on social media like Pinterest and Tumblr. According to the fanatics of this movement, there is no more waste and everything can be given a new use. From boxes and bottles, to old suitcases and shutters, you can make beautiful decorations for your home and also useful crafts.

Nature and imagination

Nature can provide us with beautiful materials and our imagination can lead us to the most ornamental crafts, which can also be a beautiful gift for family and friends. Creativity has no limits as long as we have a number of old objects that are worn out or no longer used. A dose of imagination, a lot of patience and perseverance and most importantly: the joy of creativity!

But apart from the aesthetic effect, the above action also helps the environment as reuse is an alternative method of waste management, which saves energy and valuable raw materials.

Ideas and solutions from wood

The most popular trend in decoration is furniture made of wooden pallets. They can be used as a bed frame or a base to put comfortable cushions and sit on your balcony or living room. They even work as a coffee table in your living room. We can even build a vertical garden, the possibilities are endless. We can look for them in the warehouses of supermarkets and large stores or even near the garbage, if they are in good condition and relatively clean.

If we walk around the neighborhood and find old classic shutters abandoned, we can take them, paint them with chalk paint and hang plants or even photos in their recesses. If we have an old wooden ladder in the storage room, depending on its style, let’s try to use it as a decorative bookcase or hanger.

Bottles and corks

Before we throw that empty wine wine bottle or empty tin can into the bin for recycle, let’s think twice. If we collect enough corks from bottles, we can make everything from coasters and soothers or even a bath mat. Cork has the ability to withstand very high and low temperatures, so it is the most suitable material.

The wine bottle can be turned into a vase for a flower vase and as a base for a portrait or lamp. Canned containers can be made into pencil cases and pots.


If we do a little research online, we can find plenty of videos to get ideas and make our own crafts. Before we give away some of our clothes that we no longer want, let’s think about whether we want to use them in another way. With a long-sleeved blouse we can make a bag for our daily shopping (called a t-bag). Similarly, from a long skirt or any long fabric, it would be easy to create a pillow case, protective masks and even a kimono.

Reuse with children

A classic favorite activity is to turn toilet paper rolls or plastic bottles into a telescope, rocket, spaceship, or whatever else the kids come up with. Either with toilet paper rolls or worn socks it is possible to make various animals for puppetry. We can even make our own puppet show out of boxes. From a shoebox we can make our own improvised football. After drilling holes in the side, we pass straws through and use pegs for players.

We look forward to your photos of your restored crafts!

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